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Bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners, architects, builds and interior designers who are looking for an environmental alternative to timber flooring that is a stylish, hard wearing, pre-finished flooring system.

Why choose greenearthTM Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring?


    • * Eco friendly - renewable, recyclable and biodegradable
    • * Healthy alternative
    • * Durable - bamboo flooring is composed of complex fibres that do not absorb moisture as easily as wood.Bamboo has the highest hardness rating from any other floor, it will last a lifetime!
    • * Natrual beauty - Green Earth strand woven bamboo flooring boasts a unique appearance that complements all decors. Exotic and elegant, the beauty of Green Earth Bamboo will enhance your interior while remaining true to its natural origins.
    • * Premium quality - looking beautiful forever.

*Warranty subject to terms and conditions. See our warranties for details.

greenearthTM Engineered Hardwood flooring is a flooring material like no other

Engineered Hardwood is less susceptible to the variations of moisture and temperature change. Produced with multiple layers of a cross grained plywood core, which increases stability and durability and avoids gapping and peaking.
Prefinished with 7 coats of a mid-gloss UV cured scratch resistant coating by Treffert.

greenearthTM Engineered Hardwood Flooring can be installed over any flat, sound subfloor with no sanding or finishing required, and can be walked on almost immediately. greenearth's hypoallergenic finishes are free of volatile organic compounds(VOC'S) and formaldehyde helping keep your home healthier. 

Avaliable in standard T&G Profile, or latested 5G LOCKING SYSTEM