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Care and Maintenance for greenearth™  Laminate Floors

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1.Never steam clean the laminate floor.

2.Never wax, lacquer, and polish.

3.When moving heavy things, lift it don’t drag it. Add glides or floor protectors to the feet and corners of heavy furniture.

4.Try to avoid stepping on within 24 hours after installing. Heavy objects should not be moved in until 48 hours after installation.

5.When leaving the room, shut the doors and windows properly to prevent rainfall from wetting the flooring. If water is splashed on the floor, wipe it off in a timely manner.

6.Special dirty spots should be cleaned up with tender neutralized detergent plus warm water. Do not use metal wire balls or acid and strong base alkali materials to help clean the flooring.

7.It is recommended to leave a shoe mat by the door, so as to reduce sand particles abrading the flooring.

8.Do not use sand paper to scratch the flooring. Do not paint the flooring.

9.Buffer mats should be placed where tables and chair get touched with the flooring, so as to reduce the degree of abrading the flooring.

10.When cleaning the flooring. Try to use dust-collector or dried mops. Avoid washing with water.

11.Laminate floors should be regularly swept or dust mopped to pick up dirt.

12.How to get rid of dirty spots on the flooring: In case there are spots of pitch, rubber, oil, shoe cream or chocolate etc., alcohol is applicable for cleaning. Spots of wax or gums can be scraped away carefully after putting a cake of ice packed in plastic sheet on the dirt.

13.When damp mopping the floor, finish by thoroughly wiping the floor with a clean, dry cloth.

14.Ensure the vacuum does not have a beater bar engaged when used on the laminate flooring.

15.When cleaning laminate floors, never use harsh or abrasive cleaner, scouring powder, steel wool or soap based detergents.