• Bamboo Flooring

    Bamboo Flooring (4)

    Bamboo flooring consists of compressed woven bamboo fibre strands. These complex fibres provide greater strength and stability to the floorboards and hence, it is one of the strongest and most durable flooring solutions available in the market with the highest hardness rating compared to others. Bamboo flooring is also the most eco-friendly choice, as bamboo re-grows faster than other timber…
  • Engineered Timber

    Engineered Timber (16)

    Engineered Hardwood flooring consists of a layer of natural solid wood on top of a base of high-quality plywood. Engineered flooring is increasingly demanded by designers in both residential and commercial spaces due to ease of installation, durability, versatile design ranges, aesthetic appearance and cost-effectiveness resulting from long durability. Engineered Hardwood is proven to be more resistant to variations of…
  • Laminate Flooring

    Laminate Flooring (36)

    Laminate flooring is a multi-layered, synthetic flooring which incorporates a textured, resin surface to recreate the look and feel of real timber. Laminate flooring is available in a large range of colours. Laminate flooring is popular due to its’ durability and moisture resistant properties, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Waterproof Flooring

    Waterproof Flooring (19)

    Greenearth waterproof flooring is 100% waterproof and exhibits the natural look of timber together with the durability of laminate with beveled edges and authentic surface texture. The state-of the art hybrid technology (SPC and ESPC) enables high durability resisting stains, spills, salt air and daily wear together with high load-bearing capacity to withhold heavy weight of furniture & appliances. These…